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      The best birthday gift

      時間:2017-03-03 10:27:39  來源:原創  作者:王婭陪  點擊數:

          May 24th is my birthday.

          I really want to receive the gift: with my friends together.

          Remember, the friends in MianYang.

          I haven't seen them for a long time. I miss them very much. Especially: XiaoXiao, LiSiyu and ChengXiaomei. XiaoXiao is my favorite person, because we were born together, and grow up together. So, I like her very much.

          "My friends, I miss you." That's what I want to speak to you.

          My wish is that, in the future, we could go to the same good university and live together again. Every day will be happy and happy.

          This is the best birthday gift that I most want.


          Sophia    February 2017


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